We have all heard the expression, "If you love what you are doing, you never work a day in your life!" This certainly has become true for me as I have decided to turn my love of fashion and great style into a business! My name is Mandy Wiebenga, and I am the founder and owner of Fashion Unfolded by Mandy.

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, my exposure to fashion was limited to say the least. Despite this, I was particular about how I looked even from a very early age. Fashion magazines and television were my resources as I found my personal style. I learned to put together stylish outfits by using the clothes and accessories that I had, taught myself how to do my makeup, and even cut off my long hair myself to prepare for the new school year. My eyes were truly opened to the endless possibilities of fashion when I arrived at college - particularly to the world of SHOES!!!

As an adult working in the corporate world and family business, I always strive to be stylish and put together every day. I still consult the fashion magazines, but now there are YouTube videos and other social media to help keep connected to the current styles! With the encouragement of friends and family (and the occasional stranger walking down the street), I have decided to take my passion for fashion to the next level!

Fashion Unfolded by Mandy is a style consulting business created to help women and men clean out the clutter from their closets, create stylish outfits from clothing they already own, and shop for items that will make their wardrobes complete. My goals include helping people to find their personal style, show them how to build their best wardrobe and ultimately, to feel good about themselves.

Welcome to my website!
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